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Shop: New Fineline pictures online

Do we live close to the ocean (Original)

I have put some drawings in the shop again that I made with my fineliners. How do you like my line drawings with the fineliners?
Wie gefallen euch meine Strichzeichnungen mit den Finelinern?

Do you have any ideas on which motifs and styles I should try?

I'm glad to hear from you!

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New: Subscription for Paintings


Time and time again, customers have commissioned me with several paintings. That's why I have a special offer for exactly these people. From now on, commissioned paintings can be subscribed to at a special price.

The following requirements apply: At least 3 paintings, after that the subscription can be canceled at any time. You can decide for yourself when the next picture is commissioned. However, it should be at least 1 painting a year. The subscription remains in effect until you cancel it. The price per picture remains the same as long as the subscription exists (even if I otherwise increase my prices in the meantime).

The standard format is DinA 4 with my artists' watercolor pencils (other formats and techniques in consultation).

The following is possible:

  • I pray for you (or another person/group), I convert the impression into a painting
  • I am implementing a personal prophetic word that is important to you
  • I will do a special Bible passage as a painting for you (e.g. baptism, confirmation or wedding verse)
  • You choose one of the already existing original paintings from my inventory
  • etc.

The fee for the respective painting is due in advance, but can also be paid in installments.

If you have any questions, please write to me!

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Fineliner originals now online

Brücke zum Herz (Original)

Before I started my prophetic art with colored pencils, I did it with my fineliners for a few years. When I was younger I made many more drawings with fineliners because these were reproduced with black and white photocopiers.

Facebook always shows you “reminders” of what you posted years ago on the same day. Here I kept seeing my old pictures that I had created with fineliners.

This made me want to create more art with fineliners again. When I once again ordered my artist's watercolor pencils, I took the opportunity and bought a pack of special fineliners.

As a result, a series of further pictures with fineliners were created. More will of course follow...

I have now put some of these originals in my shop, which can now be bought directly.

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Sonrise - The Lord is risen!

Sonrise (Original)

I took this picture in May 2017, although Easter was a while ago. I suddenly had the picture of the empty tomb in mind and the power that lies in the resurrection of Jesus. That's why the grave shines so much in my picture. The title puns on a similar image by one of my favorite artists:
Rodney Matthews.
This is a play with words with "sunrise" and "Son" as Jesus is the Son of God.

Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!

Luke 24: 5+6

© Copyright 2017 by

On request, the picture is of course also available as an art print, poster, canvas or as a custom-made product such as a pillow or blanket.

Ihr könnt das Bild hier bestellen:

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New commissioned painting: The new level

Neue Ebene

I'm very happy to be able to present you a new commissioned painting that I was able to finish recently.
It was the second commission from a friend in the church, each for one of her daughters.

The picture totally challenged me, for a long time I wasn't sure how to approach the whole thing. I started several attempts, even with some digital sketches.

Digital sketch 1
Click on the image to watch the video on YouTube
Digital sketch 2

This is what I wrote to the recipient about my impression:

Hello [...],
your mother asked me to pray for you and then to paint my impression as a picture with my colored pencils.
Here's what I received for you when I heard for you. I saw you squeeze through a crack in the ground. You left the level you were on before, climbed through the rift to the new level and are now in a whole new land.

What now lies before you is completely blank and unknown. But it was necessary to leave the familiar, well-known level behind you and dare something new. Somehow that wasn't the usual way to leave something behind either. That can be quite challenging, because you have to find your way in the new environment first.

But it is Jesus who has led you to the new level and He will also be with you in the new phase, accompanying you and helping you. Have courage, God is with you!

Dear Greetings and God's bless

If you want to find out what a personal picture could look like for you, then click ►here

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Some more originals online

I have now also put more originals online in my shop, which you can order there.
On request, of course, art prints, posters, canvases and a number of custom-made products such as cushions, blankets, etc. are possible.

The following originals are now available in the shop:

Some of the paintings are included in a reel, a short video I made recently:

Click on the image to watch the video on YouTube
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Draw me closer to You I + II (Original)

Zieh mich näher zu Dir II (Original)

In my home group, we watched a worship time by my mentor Matt Tommey, where he said, "Draw me closer to you."
I tried to express this longing for God's presence and His glory in a picture. Since I wasn't quite happy with the ► first painting . I later on did a ► second painting .

© Copyright 2023 by

Zieh mich näher zu Dir I (Original)

I would be happy to make art prints, posters, canvases or even cushions and blankets for you on request.
Feel free to contact me (see also in the shop at prints and canvas).

You can purchase the paintings here:

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House of Worship (Original)

Haus der Anbetung

I have put another original painting online for you, which was created spontaneously during a worship time in the house of prayer in Munich. It is inspired by the song "House of Miracles" from Brandon Lake.

This line in particular caught my eye:

“This is a house of worship, this is a place of praise where every demon trembles…”

© Copyright 2022 by

I would be happy to make art prints, posters, canvases or even cushions and blankets for you on request.
Feel free to contact me (see also in the shop at prints and canvas).

You can purchase this picture here:

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The star (colored pencil)

I designed this picture as a motif for another Christmas greeting card. The star is one of the most important symbols of Christmas. The star that led the wise men to Jesus in Bethlehem.

"When they saw the star, they were overjoyed."
Matthew 2: 10

© Copyright 2022 by

I am happy to make art prints, posters, canvases or even cushions and blankets for you. Feel free to contact me, see also in the shop at prints and canvas.

You can purchase this painting in the following ways:

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Prophetic Art: Each Fruit Takes Its Time (Colored Pencil)

Jede Frucht braucht ihre Zeit

I began to create this spontaneous, prophetic picture on an outreach auf der “Langen Kunst Nacht” in Landsberg a. Lech begonnen.  Jede Frucht braucht Zeit zum Heranreifen, es dauert uns manchmal viel zu lange. Manche Früchte brauchen sogar Frost, damit sie die notwendige Süße und Reife erhalten. Als Kinder haben wir Pflaumen geerntet als es schon kalt und diesig war.

If something is taking longer in your life, it may be because your fruit has yet to ripen.

© Copyright 2022 by

But that's not all we're happy about; we also rejoice in the hardships we are going through now.

For we know that adversity teaches us to persevere, and those who have learned to persevere are tried, and being tried breeds hope.

And in our hope we will not be disappointed. For God has given us the Holy Spirit and through him has filled our hearts with the assurance that he loves us.

Romans 5:3-5

You can purchase this painting in the following ways:
prints (art prints, poster)
Other products (such as pillows, blankets, etc.) on request