"Jedes Bild beginnt mit einem Kuss des Himmels"


Switch to EnglishSo nice that you found my website. You are just right, if you are looking for beautiful and appealing art, that has a spiritual element and touches hearts. Here you will find everything to send little greetings and encouragements (post- and greetingcards), gifts for special occasions (Originals, art prints, poster and costum-made products) and very personal art, where I create a very personal picture for you or implement your favourite scripture, your confirmation bible verse or wedding verse for you.

Feel free to browse through my Shop! Ich bin sicher du wirst das Richtige finden!

Bei der Kunst

About me

I am Johannes Spörl, born in 1970, from Munich. Since my early childhood I dream to able to live from my art, to design picture books and to animate cartoons.

In 2015 I spontaneously packed my colored pencils when I already was on my way to a conference. Since then I regularly produced prophetic pictures during the worship time of the services. As I did this every week, my art changed. And suddenly friends began to ask me, if I would pray for them and then would make a picture of what I then heard from God...

In the meantime people ask me over the internet. The results are overwhelming. I have talked about this in several Videos In addition to my prophetic art with the artist water color pencils I create comics, cartoons and illustrations.

I already illustrated a picture book and I love to film different videos and to edit them in a creative way.

If you want to know more, feel free to to write to me or subscribe my art newsletter.

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Johannes doesn't just only process commissions, but really takes a lot of time to respond individually to the client, to pray and finally to artistically implement the received pictures and impressions with a lot of passion and skill.



My heartfelt thanks. That fits like ass on bucket.


Corinna W.

"In the midst of my longing to be hugged, the picture hit me right in the heart."


Leuchtende Blume


"I am so so very impressed and touched by this picture and the letter that accompanies it!
I feel like we've known each other forever, but my friend she told me that God knows me and has spoken to you."



"Yes, I'm kind of stuck right now, paralyzed and what's happened in the past is having an impact on my life.

The picture is very special, impressive and full of hope. It has expression, wideness and future and promises something new, endless breadth and new land, new shores."



“I like the picture, it is very nicely painted and expressive. I was pretty speechless when I read through the prophetic word...

Both passages from the Bible that God gave you I received from him myself! I think it's so beautiful and I'm happy about it, it's such a great confirmation! "


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Creation of my art

Zeitraffer: Zwei Wege, eine Entscheidung
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