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Prophetic commission drawing: Broadening horizons and new encounters with God


Today I can introduce you to another prophetic commissioned painting from a commissioner who was previously unknown to me. She ordered the picture for herself.

This is what I wrote to the client about the impression I had on her:

Hello […]
When I prayed for you, I saw the globe as if from space. Suddenly the atmosphere was blown up and it peeled itself off the earth. Then a powerful beam rose from the earth into the sky like a huge explosion. The whole thing was full of power, fire and energy.

I have the impression that Jesus wants to explode your horizons, your expectations and your perspectives. He wants to expand your horizons, he wants to reveal himself to you in a completely new way and meet you in a completely new way. You should get to know God in a whole new way, your expectations and your faith should be raised to a whole new level. It's like a direct connection to heaven, your prayers will gain new strength.

So reach out to God in a new way so that He can meet you anew, bring before God the things that separate you from Him, that stand between you, so that this new encounter can take place. Reach out to him so that this leased line can be laid in the sky. Take hold of the authority that God has given you and wants to give you anew.

Be mightily blessed through the word and the picture!

Dear Greetings and God's bless


I received the following moving feedback from the recipient:

Hello Jocky,
Now I'm finally getting around to writing.

The picture is simply wonderful. It really has explosive power and your words about it will come true. You have worked so well and it hits exactly the point of your prophecy.

What you prophesied is partly a confirmation to me of what I have already received from God myself. Change in various areas.

I expect this direct connection to heaven even more than it already is and the increase in strength as well. I'm very curious to see how it happens, because you've now made it happen. I can already see the beginnings of change.

So you have prophesied the present and the future.

I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful picture that speaks its own language. It is so full of power and the power of God radiates from it. I will frame it and hang it. When it's finished I'll send you a photo of where it's hanging. It will be in the hallway because that's where I see it several times a day and remember it. My prayer now is that it comes from heaven from the Father's heart to earth and becomes visible.

I dedicate myself anew to the Lord and allow change to happen in me and through me.

Thank you also for the beautiful cards that you included.

May you also be warmly blessed
Kind regards […]

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