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Sonrise - The Lord is risen!

Sonrise (Original)

I took this picture in May 2017, although Easter was a while ago. I suddenly had the picture of the empty tomb in mind and the power that lies in the resurrection of Jesus. That's why the grave shines so much in my picture. The title puns on a similar image by one of my favorite artists:
Rodney Matthews.
This is a play with words with "sunrise" and "Son" as Jesus is the Son of God.

Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!

Luke 24: 5+6

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On request, the picture is of course also available as an art print, poster, canvas or as a custom-made product such as a pillow or blanket.

Ihr könnt das Bild hier bestellen:

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New commissioned painting: The new level

Neue Ebene

I'm very happy to be able to present you a new commissioned painting that I was able to finish recently.
It was the second commission from a friend in the church, each for one of her daughters.

The picture totally challenged me, for a long time I wasn't sure how to approach the whole thing. I started several attempts, even with some digital sketches.

Digital sketch 1
Click on the image to watch the video on YouTube
Digital sketch 2

This is what I wrote to the recipient about my impression:

Hello [...],
your mother asked me to pray for you and then to paint my impression as a picture with my colored pencils.
Here's what I received for you when I heard for you. I saw you squeeze through a crack in the ground. You left the level you were on before, climbed through the rift to the new level and are now in a whole new land.

What now lies before you is completely blank and unknown. But it was necessary to leave the familiar, well-known level behind you and dare something new. Somehow that wasn't the usual way to leave something behind either. That can be quite challenging, because you have to find your way in the new environment first.

But it is Jesus who has led you to the new level and He will also be with you in the new phase, accompanying you and helping you. Have courage, God is with you!

Dear Greetings and God's bless

If you want to find out what a personal picture could look like for you, then click ►here

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Some more originals online

I have now also put more originals online in my shop, which you can order there.
On request, of course, art prints, posters, canvases and a number of custom-made products such as cushions, blankets, etc. are possible.

The following originals are now available in the shop:

Some of the paintings are included in a reel, a short video I made recently:

Click on the image to watch the video on YouTube
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Draw me closer to You I + II (Original)

Zieh mich näher zu Dir II (Original)

In my home group, we watched a worship time by my mentor Matt Tommey, where he said, "Draw me closer to you."
I tried to express this longing for God's presence and His glory in a picture. Since I wasn't quite happy with the ► first painting . I later on did a ► second painting .

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Zieh mich näher zu Dir I (Original)

I would be happy to make art prints, posters, canvases or even cushions and blankets for you on request.
Feel free to contact me (see also in the shop at prints and canvas).

You can purchase the paintings here:

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Neues Zeugnisvideo mit prophetischer Kunst – Bild spricht direkt in Lebenssituation

Ich durfte für meinen Freund Dave mehrere prophetische Bilder mit meinen Künstleraquarellstiften (Buntstiften) erstellen. In diesem Video erzählt er davon, wie ihn Jesus in einer schwierigen Lebenssituation tief angesprochen und berührt hat.

Hier findet ihr das Bild mit meinen Eindrücken: ► click
Dieses Lied hat er inspiriert durch mein Lied geschrieben: ► Dort wo Deine Liebe ist

Gerne könnt ihr hier ein solches Bild persönlich für euch in Auftrag geben:

Click on the image to watch the video on YouTube

Hier könnt ihr das komplette Lied von Pfingstpanzer aus dem Video hören: ► click
Subscribe video by Burak Kiraz / Pixabay