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Zeugnis mit proph. Kunst 03 – Raus aus der Finsternis

In diesem Video erzähle ich euch, wie Jesus mich durch eines meiner eigenen Bilder berührt und meinen Blick von den Herausforderungen und schwierigen Umständen weggerissen hat.

Zeugnis mit proph. Kunst 03 - Raus aus der Finsternis

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Hier könnt ihr das komplette Lied von Pfingstpanzer aus dem Video hören: click
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Presentation of my art in the 2nd grade of the Lukasschule

Heute hatte ich die wunderbare Möglichkeit, den Kindern einer 2. Klasse in der Lukasschule meine Kunst vorzustellen. Die Lukasschule ist eine christliche Privatschule. Vor 5 Jahren konnte ich hier schonmal das Bilderbuch “Minz und das Geheimnis von Ostern” präsentieren.

I gave the teacher this book during our preparatory talk and she already read it to her pupils beforehand. As they already know my pictures, they kept asking excitedly: "When is the artist finally coming?"

This morning the time had finally come and I spent the whole morning with the children. The teacher was also there, together with an intern. During the devotion time, the story of creation was read, which shows how creative God is and that He loves to talk.

Johannes in der Lukasschule

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Prophetic Art: Fire of the Spirit

Feuer des Geistes

© Copyright 2022 by

During one of my last visits to the House of Prayer Munich I started with this new spontaneous prophetic picture. Even before I knew the topic of the evening, this image was already going in the direction of the flame of fire. Later, prayers were given for a main theme of the local house of prayer: namely for burning hearts.

You can buy the original of the picture here, or order prints (art prints, posters) of it in various formats and qualities here .

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Livestream online: New artist website

Tonight I had a live stream again after a long time. This time I made it bilingual. German and English at the same time (it would probably have been better to do 2 live streams in a row in the respective language).
Livestream 10
Here is the recording: click

I took you through the whole website and above all introduced the different categories of the shop and what is behind them.

Die Aufzeichnungen der Livestreams finden sich immer in der gleichnamigen Rubrig unter “Videos”. Hier steht auch wenn wieder mal einen Stream plane.

I welcome feedback.

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Videos: Neue Rubrik “Zeitraffer”

In addition to some originals and Prints, which I always add to the shop, I have now added a whole new section to my videos: Timelapse.

Videos: Zeitraffer
As I create my art, I often keep a camera rolling. I put these time-lapse videos together for you to include you in the development process.

You can see that there's a lot going on on my new website at the moment. So it's always worth stopping by.

As a reminder: My vouchers for opening the homepage are still valid until the end of May. Up to 20% discount can be snagged!

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Prophetic art: Not to express in words

Nie in Worte fassen

© Copyright 2022

During this time we watched the worship session of Andi Ziller on the MEHR Conference 2020 , that was puplished shortly before. In the songSonne, Mond (Son, moon) a line stood out for me that says:

Wär meine Stimme laut wie Wassermassen
Meine Arme wie der Ozean weit
Könnt ich dennoch nie in Words fassen
Wie groß Du bist und deine Freundlichkeit.

The “WORTE” in particular stood out for me. So I began to paint this picture, as if the glory, the creativity, and the power of creation flow out of the words that I can't articulate.

The original des Bildes ist käuflich zu erwerben und Art prints in verschiedenen Größen und Formaten.

During a worship time in the home group, this spontaneous prophetic picture was created, which I created with my artist's watercolor pencils.