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Christian creative group “Creatio – Art that lives”

Creatio - Kunst, die lebt!

I have been part of the Christian creative group “Creatio – Art that Lives” for about a year. A network that wants to connect Christian creatives and artists in German-speaking countries so that they can support, encourage and help each other.

We're talking about beginners, hobby artists and creative people of all kinds. It's about painters, draftsmen, illustrators, sculptors, writers, actors, musicians, dancers and everything else that is creative in God's kingdom.

There are weekly prayer meetings and monthly meetings for encouragement and mutual sharing. Here and there we have workshops in which individuals share their art and suggestions for creative implementation. Since we are spread across the entire German-speaking region, these meetings take place via Zoom.

In a Discord server there is the opportunity to exchange ideas, get advice and pass on prayer requests.

Now our homepage is finally ready (in German only). Feel free to take a look! Get in touch there if you want to be part of our network:

In a short video in German, individual members share what excites them about the group

Click on the image to watch the video on YouTube
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Wonderful trip to Tuscany with the creative group – September 2023


I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Tuscany at the end of September 2023 with some participants from the creative group “Creatio - Kunst, die lebt" (Creatio – Art that Lives) (then still CreateArt+). We are a group of Christian creatives and artists who are spread across the entire German-speaking region. In the monthly Zoom meetings we exchange ideas, encourage and pray for each other.

This trip was the first opportunity for most of the 10 participants to get to know each other personally. I enjoyed that there was enough time to get to know a little bit about other people's stories, their art and personality.

We were accommodated in several small apartments in a simple but beautiful holiday home complex. There was a large terrace, a spacious green area and a small swimming pool surrounded by a beautiful landscape with vineyards, poplars and olive trees.

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Cool workshop about spontaneous art

For some time I have been part of a creative group CreateART+ in the German-speaking area that wants to network and encourage Christian artists. We meet monthly via Zoom to share testimonies and report on how we are doing.

Internally we hold workshops from time to time. So this week there was a workshop that was supposed to help us create creative art spontaneously. This workshop was very cool because it gave me new ideas. I suddenly felt like painting over the artist's watercolor pencils I used for the exercise. The result was a very cool effect that I would now like to use more often. Here my results: