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Encouraging prophetic act during challenging times

Proph Aktion: 50 Franken

It's very challenging with my art right now. And so I was very happy when I recently had a drink with some people after visiting the house of prayer in Munich.

That's exactly what we got to talking about. And so a Swiss friend gave me a CHF 50 note (about €52) as a loan.

This prophetic act should express that I will be able to make a living from my art. Then I should give her the money back. The framed picture always reminds me of that! How awesome.

Has God ever given you an encouraging sign when you were going through a difficult time?

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Summer Art Challenge - The best time to buy my art is now!

Summer Art Challenge

Inspired by the 500$ Summer Art Challenge of my mentoring program, I want to give you special incentives to buy my art. I have products in different price categories.
Depending on the size of your shopping cart there are different incentives.

Promotion ends August 5, 2023.

4 besondere Angebote

For the Summer Art Challenge I now have 3 special offers for you:

Geburtstagsspecial: 53% Rabatt auf alle Buntstiftbilder

Anläßlich meines Geburtstags am 2.8., an dem 53 Jahre alt geworden bin, gebe ich euch bis zum Ende der Aktion 53% auf alle ► Originalbilder (Buntstift).
Gebt einfach im Warenkorb den Gutscheincode “Geburtstag2023” ein.

25% discount on art prints and prints

I give you 25% discountt (coupon code: SummerArtChallenge) on all >
art prints in stock and ► Prints. The discount applies to the first 10 orders using the code.
Being quick pays off!

2 personal pictures

I have ► 2 commissionend pictures at a special price for you.
Of course you can also buy two existing pictures ► click
(Pictures from the galleries that are not included in the shop are also welcome)

Digital portrait + canvas

If you send me some photos of you, I'll make you a ► digital portrait of it.
You get one free canvas (20 x 30 cm) included.

Prizes and Incentives

Anyone who orders through my shop by August 5th, 2023 can win great prizes themselves.

Orders over 300, €
Every order gets my ► JockyArt – Artbook free of charge.

Orders over €200
Each order takes part in the raffle for a ► original that you can choose freely.

Art print: Let the horse out (photo )Orders over €100
Each order takes part in the draw for a JockyArt – art book part.

Orders over €50
With every order you will receive a freestock art print of your choice.

All prices with autograph and dedication.

You give me great pleasure if you buy my art between this time and the beginning of August. You support an up-and-coming artist and can bring beautiful art home. Many of my paintings are available as reproductions such as art prints, postcards and posters. My art is particularly beautiful on acrylic glass, canvas and especially on pillows and blankets. You get a special eye-catcher with the 3D pictures.

Jesus touched many people through my pictures. If you want to experience this yourself or for your friends, you can do that with a personal picture if I pray for you or your friends and then convert the impression I have gained into a picture for you. There is incredible feedback! Take a look at the ► videos.

Write your questions and personal wishes to me! I'm curious what happens…

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Wenn ihr meine Kunst kaufen wollt, dann lohnt es sich jetzt!

In dem Mentoringprogramm “Created to Thrive” sind wir herausgefordert uns Gedanken zu machen, wie wir im Sommer mehr Kunst verkaufen können. Ich habe mir einige Gedanken dazu gemacht, euch Produkte in verschiedenen Preiskategorien vorgestellt und euch tolle Preise zusammengestellt, je nachdem wie groß der Warenkorb ist.

Hier alle Details: ► click

Klick auf das Bild, um das Video auf YouTube anzusehen

Das JockyArt – Kunstbuch ► click

Die Beispiele:
► 3D Bild (Hirschsprung) click
► Postkarten click
► Originale (Fineliner) click
► Originale (Buntstifte) click
► Auftragsbild (auch digitales Portrait) click
► Acrylglas click
► Leinwände click
► Prints (Kunstdrucke & Poster) click

Abonniert gerne meine Kunstnewsletter: click

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New: Pictures in light frames

Schau aufs Licht (Leuchtrahmen)

For a while I've been looking for ways to backlight pictures in a frame. Some motifs already have a very high luminosity, so that it makes sense to additionally illuminate them.

Now there are very professional variants such as light boxes, where the technology alone costs several hundred euros. So I was looking for a nicer yet cheaper option. I found a way, even if I'm not quite satisfied with the luminosity. But for a start it looks very nice. Of course, other motifs are also possible on request.

Here are some short videos to give you a better impression of the light frame.

Click on the picture to see the video on YouTube!
Click on the picture to see the video on YouTube!
Click on the picture to see the video on YouTube!
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New newsletter is out!

Kunstnewsletter 011

My new art newsletter has been out for a while now. I'm currently trying out a lot of new things with my art. I was allowed to make a digital portrait for a work colleague, I tried something new with my fineliners and continued to fine-tune my three-dimensional pictures.

But read it yourself. I would be happy if you subscribe to the newsletter and share it with friends. What particularly appealed to you? What would you like to read in the next issues? I'm glad to hear from you.

Read here