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Great outreach as part of the open studio at the "Long Art Night" in Landsberg am Lech

Im offenen Atelier

I had the honor of being part of the open studio at the "Long Art Night" in Landsberg am Lech last weekend. A subscriber to my art newsletter had pointed out to me that there was an open studio organized by Christians around this long night.

The Setting

The city of Landsberg am Lech has this “Long Art Night” for the first time since Covid organized again, where artists were given the opportunity to present their art in shops and other spaces.

The Open Studio was initiated by Guila S. and supported by a group of Christians and artists. The premises were in an empty shop right on the main square in the old town. The owners were so enthusiastic about the campaign that they made the premises available free of charge (of course there were still a number of costs for the campaign, which were to be covered by donations).

In the week before the actual art night there was “painting for children” and painting stones. We had agreed that I should be there on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to present my art, make my art, and guide people who were making a picture with me Wanted to paint or just be there to answer questions. The plan was for me to stay overnight with Guila's family.

The Friday - construction, doing art and good talks

I had framed some of my pictures in advance, had new business cards, flyers for my planned 2023 art calendar and general art printed. So we started hanging up my pictures and exhibiting my flyers. We prayed together for the studio, the art night and the visitors. We had a good time together and each of us pursued our art.

Since not enough participants had registered for the flash mob dance the next day and rainy weather was forecast anyway, we canceled my appointment in the morning. I decided to stay until the art night, spend the night again and go to the local Vineyard church service on Sunday.

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Einsatz auf der “Langen Kunst Nacht” in Landsberg am Lech

Ich habe das Vorrecht Teil der “Langen Kunst Nacht” in Landsberg am Lech zu sein. Hier werde ich Teil des Offenen Ateliers “Ein HERZ für Landsberg” sein.

Am 16./17.9.2022 werde ich dort sein, um meine Kunst zu machen, gemeinsam mit Besuchern ein Bild zu gestalten und für Fragen zur Verfügung zu stehen. Natürlich könnt ihr dort meine Kunst anschauen und kaufen.