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Come to me, drink and find peace

Recently I was able to complete a special commissioned painting that is somehow quite unusual for my art. It is so different in its colors and expression.

That is the impression I received for the client.

“I’ve been praying for you for a really long time. This is the impression I received for you. I saw Jesus sitting at the well waiting for you. He has invited you to come to him, to rest with him, to find peace and drink your fill, to have fellowship with him. He takes time for you, is there for you.

“Come to me, come to me, find peace. Come and drink your fill. There is enough!"

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Touched by prophetic art 03 – Look into the Light

I finally was able to create another video in English for all my friends abroad :). In this video I tell you another wonderful testimony that happened with an art print of my picture “Look into the light”.

A little girl was healed from stomache pain by looking at the art print. I was not aware that I painted something in my picture that looks exactly like the inside of an intestine.

You can read the story of the original painting here:
Look into the Light: click

The Night of the Storyteller III - Touched by prophetic art 03
Click on the image above to watch video on YouTube

Here you can buy an art print of the painting: click
You can buy my art here: click

You liked the music of this video? Please follow the artist: Matthias Lingenfelder

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I love Your Presence

I love Your Presence

© Copyright 2022 by

This picture was created during a very brilliant worship time in the House of Prayer in Munich. The presence of God shaped the atmosphere of this time and was like a river of liquid fire as we sang over and over again:
“I love Your Presence” (Wir lieben Deine Gegenwart).

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Bibelbild: “Herz sehnt sich nach Deiner Gegenwart”

Herzens Sehnsucht

© Copyright 2022

At the beginning of July my little brother celebrated his silver wedding anniversary together with his wife. As a gift, I have converted their wedding bible verse into a picture.

“Wie glücklich sind die, deren Stärke in Dir ist, deren Herz sich nach Dir sehnt.” Psalm 84:6

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Bibelbild: “Wer mir nachfolgt”

Wer mir nachfolgt

© Copyright 2022 by JockyArt

Again and again I have illustrated Bible verses to use as gifts for confirmations, silver and golden weddings. This picture is for the confirmation of a niece, which I made later:

“Da redete Jesus abermals zu ihnen und sprach: Ich bin das Licht der Welt. Wer mir nachfolgt, der wird nicht wandeln in der Finsternis, sondern wird das Licht des Lebens haben.” John 8:12