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Rise and Fly

Erhebe Dich und fliege

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In my art newsletter I gave away an original prophetic painting to people who gave me feedback. This picture was created of that. As the winner did not want to purchase the original herself, so I am offering it for sale here.

The impression was this:

When I prayed for you, I saw something like a round temple, but with a ballustrade or wall that opened outward into the landscape. The landscape was beautiful, vast and just to be enjoyed. Leaning against the wall was something like a pair of wings, like those seen in carnival costumes. Next to it was a large container of glue.

My impression was that these wings were actually your wings. That you were made to fly. But someone had managed to captivate you and prevent you from flying. He also tried to use the glue to keep you on the ground so that you couldn't stand up to fly under any circumstances. That hurt you deeply, so much so that you didn't want to fly anymore.

Das ist nun lange her. Inzwischen ist viel passiert. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass Jesus dich neu herausfordert, die Flügel wieder anzulegen, dich zu erheben und die Luft aufzuschwingen und zu… fliegen! Wie es eigentlich auch Deinem Naturell entspricht! Genieße die Landschaft, die herrliche Luft und die Freiheit im Fliegen! Das ist der Ort, wohin du gehörst.

Jesus tells you that he has healed you, that the glue is removed and that there is nothing left to hold you down. You can fly!!! I pray that you have the courage and put on your wings again, that you overcome the inhibitions and dare to do it again. God's Spirit is here to support you and give you tailwind!

So rise and fly!!! Fly! Fly! Fly!

Many blessings and joy with the picture and praying over the impression!

On request, the picture is of course also available as an art print, poster, canvas or as a custom-made product such as a pillow or blanket.

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