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Prophetic Art: The Fiery Bride of Christ

A week ago, together with the Gebetshaus München , I had the opportunity to spend a day of prayer in the Altenhohenau Monastery at Father’s House of the Nations. In addition to our house of prayer, a total of 8 houses of prayer and ministries were there, such as FHN Upperroom, HOP Basel, Loretto Salzburg, Kingdom Impact, House of Prayer Augsburg and a few others.

Our contribution should be about the Bride of Christ. That's why I asked Jesus beforehand what a picture I wanted to create that day might look like. This is how the picture that I can present to you today was created.

I saw the bride dressed in white, glowing brightly in the dark and leaving a fiery trail behind her. In her hand she had a fiery sword. When the bride of Christ, i.e. the Christians in the world, recognizes who she is in Jesus, she has real radiance and impact on the outside world.

Natürlich können Kunstdrucke, Poster, Leinwände auf Anfrage erworben werden.

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