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I am very happy that I can present you my new art website today

For a long time I wanted my own website just for my art. My current website was getting on in years and no longer met modern requirements. Back then, art was just a small part of my life. I didn't have a real shop and people didn't always know exactly how to buy my art.

I am very happy that I was finally able to implement this.
JockyArt - Screen

Opening discount of 10%

There is still a lot to do on the site, I still want to change some things. I am happy if you give me feedback and also write some reviews if you have already purchased art from me.
In order for the new website to be filled with life, I would like to give you an incentive with a discount code that is valid until 31. May 2022 is valid. It applies to all products with a minimum order value of €30 (i.e. also for originals, commissioned paintings and custom-made products).

The discount code is: launch22

Extra discount for art newsletter subscribers

As I have often said, I want to have a bigger focus on my own art newsletter and to write there about my art more regularly.

So I'm more independent of the algorithms of social media, which don't always reliably play out content to everyone. A newsletter reaches everyone who has subscribed to it.

I have a extra discount of 20% for all subscribers of my art newsletter. Same conditions as above, just here 20%. You will receive the voucher code with the welcome email (those who are already subscribers will receive an extra email).

Subscribe here

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New Homepage

Welcome to my new homepage! For a long time I was no longer completely satisfied with my old homepage When I originally conceived it, art was just a small part of my life. In addition, the website was getting old and it was far too complicated to modernize it.

That's why I decided to create a new homepage, which only revolves around my art, which meets modern requirements and has a functioning shop. Voilá, welcome on!

Enjoy browsing!

There will be a lot going on here in the near future. So it's worth checking back every now and then.
Ich freue mich über Feedback und Anregungen!