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The studio: a sacred, set apart place!

I'm currently looking for an apartment. One teaching from my mentoring program “Created to Thrive” particularly appealed to me. Matt Tommey, the mentor, always talks about how important it is as an artist to regularly spend time in the studio and really create art.

Until now I was of the opinion that I didn't necessarily need my own studio. Since my artist artist watercolor pencils and fineliners can be taken anywhere and at home the desk would suffice.

After the teaching "Developing and Nurturing Your Studio PracticeI changed my mind. In this talk we learned that nothing makes an artist grow faster than regular time in the studio. Art needs space, both spatially and temporally. Many artists believe that they are not worthy of owning their own studio. But we can also see it this way, that we deserve a place in which God can move wonderfully in my life through the art and creativity that He has placed within me.

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