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Cartoon: Zebedee from THE CHOSEN

Zebedee - Oil (Signed)

At the beginning of January 2024, the MEHR faith festival took place after a four-year break. The conference is organized by the House of Prayer Augsburg. There are extensive worship times and lectures from a range of speakers designed to encourage faith and everyday life.

On the last day, Nick Shakour had the opportunity to share his moving journey to Jesus. He is the portrayer of Zebedee in the TV series THE CHOSEN. The extremely successful series tells the story of Jesus from the perspective of the disciples in a very unusual and appealing way over 7 seasons. If you don't know the series yet, you should definitely take a look. It is available on various streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, but also in its own free app. Season 4 will be in German cinemas at Easter 2024.

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Prophetic Secret Santa: Prepare for your Kairos moment

Bereite Dich auf Deinen Kairosmoment vor

I lead a prophetic group called “Eagle Nest” where we want to grow together in our prophetic gifts. Every year we celebrate New Year's Eve together. We have a tradition of giving each other prophetic Secret Santa. Everyone has the task of asking God what he should give to an unknown recipient. Of course, I always created a prophetic picture.

This year I found my picture to be particularly successful. This is the impression I added to the image (we drew recipients):

Munich, December 31, 2023

Hello dear secret santa partner,

You have the honor of receiving a prophetic picture from me today. I always pray and ask Jesus what He wants to show or tell you. What I then receive from God, I then create a picture with my colored pencils (artist's watercolor pencils).

So while I was praying for you, I saw a big ticking clock with hands like those that were common back in the day. A watch that was worn as a pocket watch attached to a chain in a jacket.

Behind this clock, the starry sky suddenly opened up at night and a brightly lit, sun-drenched landscape became visible.

I have the impression that you are currently in a waiting position and have been hoping for change for a long time. I believe that Jesus has something prepared for you in the coming year. A special moment that can change everything.

The Bible distinguishes between Chronos (Χρόνος), our chronological time, which can be depicted on a timeline. And then there is Kairos (Καιρός), which is a divine moment prepared by God where heaven suddenly bursts into our world. And I believe that Jesus has prepared a Kairos moment for you in the times to come.

I have no idea what this moment will actually look like. But I think it's very important that you don't miss this moment because so much can change for the better at once. The best way to prepare for this is to ask God in prayer what He wants to do, to ask Him to help you not miss this moment and to be prepared for it. And then of course to keep an eye out for such opportunities yourself and to react immediately when you notice that God is calling you. Even if it seems so unimportant, small or perhaps inappropriate!

I bless you that you can truly perceive this moment!

A good start into the new year! God's blessings, peace and joy to you in 2024.

Best regards

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Prophetic commissioned painting: From the trenches to the peace of the cradle

Vom Kampfplatz zur Ruhe

I was able to complete another prophetic painting before Christmas. After the client had already commissioned a picture for two daughters, the third was now for her husband as a Christmas present.

I shared this impression about the picture:

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Prophetic commissioned painting: From the narrowness over the stars into the vastness

Aus der Enge über die Sterne in die Weite

I am very happy that I was able to create his 6th commissioned painting for a good friend. He had repeatedly ordered pictures for himself and also for family members. This time he had ordered a picture for himself again in order to receive instructions from God for the coming year.

I wrote this impression to my friend about the picture:

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Overcome the abyss with love - two commissions with overwhelming feedback

Überwinde den Abgrund mit Liebe

As already described in the last post , last year I suddenly received two commissions from a woman I didn't know. It was my first order in about half a year. So here is my picture for the husband and the impression that goes with it. At the end I'll post the moving feedback again.

Zwei Auftragsbilder

Here is the impression that I gave to the husband:

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Surprising flowering in winter - two commissions with overwhelming feedback

Überraschende Blüte im Winter

I am very happy that I can introduce you to two new pictures today. These drawings are special to me in several ways. At one point I hadn't received any new orders or been able to sell any art for six months. I asked myself whether I should adjust the content and stop making art that had explicitly Christian content. Still beautiful art that is praise, but would not contain any obviously Christian themes or symbols.

But suddenly I received an commission from a woman I didn't know. A picture for the daughter and the husband was requested. When I asked whether this should be one or two pictures, the answer was that each of them should actually have their own picture. And then I'm amazed at how incredibly great and encouraging the feedback was. I will post both works in one blog post each, but write the feedback for both.

Surprising flowering in winter

For the painting for the daugther I had the following impression, which I also sent to the recipient:

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Wonderful trip to Tuscany with the creative group – September 2023


I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Tuscany at the end of September 2023 with some participants from the creative group “Creatio - Kunst, die lebt" (Creatio – Art that Lives) (then still CreateArt+). We are a group of Christian creatives and artists who are spread across the entire German-speaking region. In the monthly Zoom meetings we exchange ideas, encourage and pray for each other.

This trip was the first opportunity for most of the 10 participants to get to know each other personally. I enjoyed that there was enough time to get to know a little bit about other people's stories, their art and personality.

We were accommodated in several small apartments in a simple but beautiful holiday home complex. There was a large terrace, a spacious green area and a small swimming pool surrounded by a beautiful landscape with vineyards, poplars and olive trees.

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Prophetische Kuscheldecke für MS kranke Frau

Kuscheldecke (Geschenk)

Ich hatte das große Vorrecht, dass diese Tage eine Kundin nicht nur ein persönliches prophetisches Bild bei mir bestellt hat, sondern auch eine Kuscheldecke, die sie selber einer jungen Frau schenken wolle.

Ich liebe das ja, ein prophetisches Wort spricht tief in unsere Herzen. Noch besser, wenn es dazu noch ein sichtbares Bild gibt. Wie toll ist das aber erst, wenn ich mich in ein solches Bild in Form einer Decke kuscheln kann. Und wenn dann der Heilige Geist noch oben drauf spricht, dass diese nämliche Decke einer bestimmten Person geschenkt werden soll, wie toll ist das bitte?

Das schrieb mir die Auftraggeberin dazu:

Die Freude war groß über das prophetische Geschenk. Der Heilige Geist hat sich bewegt, Freude, Gänsehaut und eine tiefe Begegnung mit der Liebe Gottes waren zu sehen. Die Beschenkte hüllte sich sogleich in diese überaus weiche große Decke ein. Die Augen strahlten und hatten dieses innere Leuchten von diesem besonderen liebevollen Kuss des Himmels. Danke an den Vater ( Abba) und danke an den Künstler Jocky der seine Hände gebrauchen ließ, um zu malen, was er von Gottes Herzen gesehen hat.

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Leinwand von “Du bist nicht allein”

Leinwand (Du bist nicht allein)

Kürzlich hat sich eine Kundin eine Leinwand im Format 40 x 60cm meines Bildes “Du bist nicht allein (Beistand) bestellt. Glücklicherweise hat sie mir dieses schöne Bild zur Verfügung gestellt, wie das in ihrer Wohnung ausschaut. Ich finde das Foto so schön, dass ich es gerne hier mit euch teilen will.

Hier noch der Hinweis, dass ihr alle meine Bilder als Leinwand, als Kunstdruck oder Poster in verschiedenen Größen bestellen könnt. Auch wenn ich diese nicht im Shop eingepflegt habe. Zudem sind auch Sonderanfertigungen wie Kissen, Kuscheldecken und Acrylglas möglich.

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Kunstkalender 2024 – Wandkalender vorbestellbar

JockyArt Kunstkalender 2024

Das Layout für den ► Kunstkalender 2024 – Wandkalender ist fertig. Der Kalender kann ab sofort vorbestellt werden.

Auch wie die Jahre zuvor biete ich zunächst die Möglichkeit, den Kalender zum reduzierten Preis vorzubestellen. Es gibt auch wieder Staffelpreise. Es wird also nochmal deutlich billiger je mehr Exemplare ihr bestellt. Ihr bekommt von mir eine Rechnung. Und von diesem Geld kann ich dann die Druckkosten bezahlen.

Die reduzierten Preise gelten bis Ende Oktober.

Die Höhe der Vorbestellungen gibt mir eine Idee für die Auflagenhöhe. Da ich letztes Jahr leider nicht viel mehr als die Vorbestellungen verkauft habe, wird die Auflage sehr nah an der Höhe der Vorbestellungen sein (die übrigen Exemplare von 2023 könnt ihr kostenlos bei mir im Shop noch bestellen (Versandkosten fallen an).

Here könnt ihr das Layout und die einzelnen Bilder anschauen (die Beschreibung der Bilder kommt später dazu).

Noch ist das Layout nicht endgültig. Wenn ihr noch Tipps, Anregungen und Verbesserungsvorschläge habt und ihr Fehler erkennt. Schreibt mir das bitte!