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Touched by prophetic art 03 – Look into the Light

I finally was able to create another video in English for all my friends abroad :). In this video I tell you another wonderful testimony that happened with an art print of my picture “Look into the light”.

A little girl was healed from stomache pain by looking at the art print. I was not aware that I painted something in my picture that looks exactly like the inside of an intestine.

You can read the story of the original painting here:
Look into the Light: click

The Night of the Storyteller III - Touched by prophetic art 03
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You liked the music of this video? Please follow the artist: Matthias Lingenfelder

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Prophetische Kunst: Erhebt euch in Feuer und Leidenschaft

Erhebt euch aus der Asche

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Some time ago I was allowed to create a prophetic picture for the party of a married couple of friends of mine. I was sick in bed and was still busy with previous picture and wondering if I would even be able to get an impression for the couple so quickly that the picture would again be ready in time for the party.

I was amazed that the impression came immediately as I began to pray for the couple.

This is what I wrote to the couple about the picture:

Hello [...]
I've been praying for both of you. To my surprise, this impression came very quickly, which I wanted to share with you in the email.

As I was praying for you, I saw a firebird burrowing and hiding in the ashes. A long time ago he was very hurt and disappointed. It was probably about fire and passion. But now Jesus challenges you to rise again and stand up. Much healing and restoration has happened. You have grown and matured. Maybe not everything has healed completely and not everything has grown again.

But Jesus encourages you to rise from the ashes and spread your wings. When you do this, you will shine with renewed joy and begin to shine again. Your healing will erupt and you can rise up and spread your wings and walk anew in your destiny - full of joy, fire and passion!

I strongly encourage you to rise again together. you are not alone You have each other and God is on your side!
Have fun with the picture. I look forward to feedback!
Dear Greetings and God's bless