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Deer Jump - New 3D artwork available

Hirschsprung (3D Bild)

I've tried something new. I'm still figuring out how it works best. For the first try, I'm very satisfied.

I made an picture in different layers. The model was a beautiful place in my home region of the Franconian Forest: The deer jump in hell valley. Legend has it that a stag escaped from its hunters by leaping across the valley.

The beautiful V-Tal runs from Hölle in the direction of the former zone border and subsequent death strip and border to the former GDR. The valley through which the river Selbitz flows invites you to go hiking.

I left the sky blank so your own sky can be visible on site. The individual levels come into their own in the beautiful frame. It can stand on the table as a decoration or be hung on the wall.

Hirschsprung shorts
Click on the picture to see the short video
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