Diorama: Hirschsprung (transparent)


A very special sight is the deer jump in the Höllental (hell valley) in the Franconian Forest. According to legend, this is where a deer jumped across the deep V valley while fleeing from hunters. The Franconian Forest is a beautiful area that invites you to go hiking. The deeply cut valley through which the river Selbitz flows is particularly beautiful. Immediately after the valley used to be the death strip with the border to the GDR.

Dieses Motiv habe ich  verwendet, um mein erstes 3D Bild zu gestalten.
Von diesem Motiv gibt es 2 Varianten. Die andere Variante mit mehr Tiefe und Himmel findet sich hier: ► klick

Hirschsprung shorts

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This 3D image consists of different levels that are individually designed with colored pencils and achieve a beautiful 3D effect. The sky is kept clear so that your own sky can shine through.

A very special artwork.

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