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Hirschsprung (deer jump ) Diorama photographed at the original location


Last week I used the Bavarian public holiday to visit my parents for over a week. I took the opportunity to work in the home office for 2 days. This week it was mostly very hot and bright weather.

I had brought my diorama from the deer jump (Hirschsprung) with me to photograph it at the location that served as a template for me.

The Höllental (valley of hell)is a deep V-shaped valley in the Franconian Forest. The valley, which is a nature reserve, is beautiful. The village of Hölle (hell) is at the entrance to the valley, at the end of which there used to be the zone border. The barbed wire fence, with the watchtowers and the self-firing systems. Luckily that's all history.

My twin sister and my father accompanied me. Already when we left, the sky was turning dark with mighty clouds: A thunderstorm was announced! Since the descent was quite steep and poorly developed, it was not without its dangers. So we had to hurry.

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