Corinna W.

Dear Johannes,

what can I say? All in all: very touchingly, very touching! There is no doubt for me that God confirmed this gift. And I will pray that you receive as much commissions that you are able to live in what the father has called you and that you are in that way a blessing for many! I love that we got to know each other a little bit more. I totally love your heart. I encourage you so much: Take your land! You are such a big blessing!

Wrapped in His love – for me it is the same like a hug…
Amidst my longing to be hugged the picture hit me right in the heart. A not so easy time lies behind me, I am still in some difficult things.

When I saw the picture and the title for the first time I was touched so deeply that God opened a channel in me: I was weeping and weeping and weeping… as He, God personally, was hugging me kinda and showing me His deep, deep love. It expressed in a new way His deep love, His absolut devotion to me that I could sense it. By this deep healing began to flow and at the same time I sense something new is beginning to grow…

I am not sure yet what it is in what direction it will go. But it is very clear: New life is arising… out of the intimacy with the father… caused by a painting!

Wow, how creative is our God?!