Come to Rest (Manger) (Original)


With this picture I used white colored pencil and golden edding together with my fineliners for the first time. As I drew this picture, Jesus' nativity scene came to mind with the manger. Because Jesus came into this world, gave his life, so we can rest with Him even when the world around us is in turmoil and chaos.

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Before I started my prophetic art with colored pencils, I did it with my fineliners for a few years. When I was younger I made many more drawings with fineliners because these were reproduced with black and white photocopiers.

Facebook always shows you “reminders” of what you posted years ago on the same day. That made me want to create more with fineliners again. When I once again ordered my artist's watercolor pencils, I took the opportunity and bought a pack of special fineliners.

As a result, a series of further pictures with fineliners were created. More will of course follow...


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