Return Policy

Various products and services are offered on this website. From products made especially for the customer, originals already created by the artist, to products that will be created from pictures of the artist through other dealers for the customer. Therefore, different return rules apply.

  1. Commissioned Paintings
    As already regulated in the Declaration of consent for personal prophetic commissioned pictures , the customer has the following options for withdrawal:
    As long as the invoice has not yet been created and the fee has not yet been transferred, both parties can withdraw from the contract without giving reasons. If the fee has already been transferred, a processing fee of €10 will be charged. If the artist has already started to implement the order, withdrawal is only possible in consultation with the artist (reimbursement of the fee will then only be prorated depending on how much work has already been invested in the work of art).
  2. Originals already created and products in stock
    In principle, cancellation of the contract is excluded here. The products are usually sufficiently illustrated on the website so that the customer can get a good impression of the goods in advance. On request, the goods can also be sent as an insured shipment. If there are problems with the products, I am happy to find a solution with the customer.
  3. Products that are specially created by other retailers at the customer's request (Cewe, MeinFoto, Vistaprint etc.)
    If the ordered products have defects and do not meet the quality requirements, I can try to get a replacement from the retailer or to cancel the order. However, this is only possible if the complaint reaches me at the closest time to my own order from the retailer.

    I need meaningful photos that were taken immediately after receipt of the products and the defect is visible in the pictures. If necessary, a corresponding explanation that makes the complaint understandable.

    Refunds can only be given if the products have arrived promptly at the original retailer and I have received the money back from them myself.