Leave behind true love (original)


While I was in the hospital some time ago, I had a deep encounter with God. I prayed for a country I have visited many times. It is currently not possible to travel there. Suddenly I became aware of how God is secretly acting on them. We planted a seed that is now sprouting. Now they have to reach to reach out to God themselves. They are allowed to recognize what God has placed in them and what is already in them.

When we said goodbye on a trip, we were told: “I have always asked you to make sure that you don't leave anything behind. Now I ask that you leave something behind: true love!”

While I was praying, I had this picture: a man kneeling on the ground in the dark. In his hands he holds a heart and a seed that shines completely brightly. He has tears in his eyes full of sadness, for what is not possible any more. But he has already received what is necessary. The seeds are sprouting!

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On request, the picture is of course also available as an art print, poster, canvas or as a custom-made product such as a pillow or blanket.

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I have created a large number of paintings that were not commissioned paintings. Mostly they were created in a time of worship or prayer and have a prophetic meaning.

I have posted some of these originals here. There are many more that I will gradually add here.
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Please contact me even if this picture is not listed here yet.

If you like I write a personal dedication to it.

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Mostly there will be an own blog posting, where you will find more details about the picture.


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