Do we live close to the ocean? (Original)


Before Jesus went back to his father, he told his disciples that he would prepare mansions for them in heaven. There is a beautiful song”Be there with you” by the Swedish hard rock band Jerusalem, which asks questions about what these apartments will look like.

Tell me, are the grass much greener there?Is there a garden too?What kind of house have you prepared?Do we live close to the ocean?Is there a place for us,Where we can sit and talk like best friends do? Sag mir, wird das Gras dort viel grüner sein?
Gibt es dort auch einen Garten?
Was für ein Haus hast Du für uns vorbereitet?
Werden wir nahe am Meer wohnen?
Gibt es dort für uns einen Platz, wo wir uns hinsetzen können
um wie beste Freunde reden zu können?

This song inspired me to create this drawing. What should such a house look like for you?

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On request, the picture is of course also available as an art print, poster, canvas or as a custom-made product such as a pillow or blanket.

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Before I started my prophetic art with colored pencils, I did it with my fineliners for a few years. When I was younger I made many more drawings with fineliners because these were reproduced with black and white photocopiers.

Facebook always shows you “reminders” of what you posted years ago on the same day. That made me want to create more with fineliners again. When I once again ordered my artist's watercolor pencils, I took the opportunity and bought a pack of special fineliners.

As a result, a series of further pictures with fineliners were created. More will of course follow...


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