Process of a prophetic commissioned painting

Normally, I create these paintings with artist's watercolor pencils on a special drawing board in Din A4 format.

Zeitraffer: Zwei Wege, eine Entscheidung
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Then people usually ask me to pray for them, which is what God wants them to say. I then convert the impression I get as an painting. After the bill has been issued and the amount has been credited to my account, I begin to pray for the impression of the picture. As soon as I have received a word from God, I then transform it into an drawing.

People then first get a scan of the picture and the description and interpretation by email and then the original in the mail.

I then post the image and interpretation anonymously on my blog. Feedback from the customer would be ideal. I then publish this blog post in various Facebook groups. I will then post the picture on my Instagram account.

Commissioned original paintings
Für einen solchen einmaligen Auftrag verlange ich 230, – € (auf Wunsch mit für versicherten Versand + 6,- €) und Versand mit kartonierten Umschlag.

Insured shipping:
In the case of original and commissioned paintings, I will send the picture as an insured shipment. This increases the likelihood that the postman will not squeeze the packaging into your mailbox and damage the picture as a result. There is money back in case of damage or loss. I have to go to the post office for that. I then calculate 6,- € shipping costs.

I give the following discounts for follow-up commissions:
2nd Painting: 225, – €
3rd Painting: 215, – €
4th Painting: 205, – €
5 Painting at one time: 700, – €

Installment payments are possible, other variants on request. The following applies to the process of such an order Letter of acceptance: click