Declaration of consent for personal prophetic commissioned pictures

I am very glad that you have chosen to commission a personal, prophetic picture of me.
In order to avoid complications as far as possible, both parties agree to the following points:

  1. Nature of the prophetic
    Since I do not know to what extent every client is familiar with the prophetic, I would like to make a few explanatory sentences in advance about the nature of the prophetic. I believe that Jesus is very real and that He loves to speak to His children. Very often this happens through symbolic images and words that we receive through our thoughts. God uses our personality, which means that what is received is shaped by the nature of the listener. We never hear 100% pure and crystal clear from God. What has been received must be examined, weighed, interpreted and applied. Mistakes can happen in any of these areas. I've been moving in this gift for nearly 30 years and it's been widely acknowledged that I have a prophetic gift. However, I cannot guarantee that what I receive actually comes from Jesus and is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Sometimes I pray briefly and a corresponding impression is immediately there, but sometimes I pray for weeks and I haven't received anything yet. What I then receive I then creatively convert into a painting. In doing so, I faithfully follow what I have received and then implement it to the best of my knowledge and belief. I have no influence on whether the received picture pleases the recipient, whether he can relate to it or not.

    Pictures often have a symbolic meaning that is not always immediately obvious. Sometimes it is necessary for the recipient to pray over the picture as well, so that the recipient finds out for himself what it means in concrete terms for his life. It can happen that a certain amount of time has to pass before the picture speaks into your own life. The recipient is required to check the picture and the impression himself and is of course free to decide whether to accept it for himself.

  2. Payment
    Paintings are prepaid. The fee is the same whether the recipient likes the picture and can relate to the impression or not. (Of course, I make sure I have prayed enough to receive an impression of the Holy Spirit for the painting and create a proper image that I feel fits the impression.) The fee is primarily for the hours of work, the materials used and my costs. When a personal painting is completed depends on how long I have to pray to get an impression and when I can find time to work on the painting (I also have a part-time job on the side and other commitments). When there are multiple orders at once, the images are usually created in order of order/payment. Exceptions only in consultation with the other clients and at the discretion of the artist.
  3. Copyright and right of use
    Copyright remains with the artist (Jocky), the recipient, client has the right to use the image in the personal, private, non-commercial area. I am posting the picture anonymously on my blog along with the interpretation. I then link this article to various social media. On Instagram I post pictures and videos of the creation. The artist has the right to reproduce and sell the image on other media such as art prints, postcards. If the client does not agree to this, an additional fee of €50 will be charged (publication on my blog and in social media is a form of advertising for me and my art, reproduction on other media is another source of income, which would be eliminated as a result).
  4. Order of a commission
    - the customer contacts me and tells me how many personal prophetic pictures he would like me to create and only gives me the names of the recipients (no more information is required) - the customer receives an invoice from me with my bank details. After the full transfer of the fee (payment in installments is possible), I begin to pray for the recipients and the pictures. As soon as I have received the appropriate impression, I transfer the picture to a special drawing board in Din A4 format using artist's watercolor pencils. I post pictures/videos of the creation on social media. (other techniques and formats on request) - when the picture is finished, the client receives a scan of the picture together with an e-mail with the impression and the interpretation. I will then send the original in a cardboard envelope to the desired address (also as an insured shipment). I will then post the picture and the interpretation anonymously on my blog. Feedback from the customer/recipient would be ideal. I will then publish this blog post in various Facebook groups in German and English. I will then post the picture on my Instagram account.
    – I make videos about pictures that have particularly touched the recipients, in which I testify how these pictures have touched people.
  5. Cancellation of the contract
    As long as the invoice has not yet been created and the fee has not yet been transferred, both parties can withdraw from the contract without giving reasons. If the fee has already been transferred, a processing fee of €10 will be charged. If the artist has already started to implement the order, withdrawal is only possible in consultation with the artist (reimbursement of the fee will then only be prorated depending on how much work has already been invested in the work of art).
  6. Declaration of consent is part of the commission
    By placing the commission, the client declares that he agrees with the declaration of consent.