With joy I gaze upon Thy face (German) (greeting card)


I have 2 Christmas cards for sale. This card has a drawing of a shepherd worshiping the newborn Jesus in the manger on the front.

Inside, the same image is again softened in the background. In addition, the 4th stanza of the Christmas carol "Beside thy manger here I stand" (German):

"With joy I gaze upon Thy face; Thy glory and Thy splendor Is greater than my heart can praise And songs can fitly render. O how I wish my mind would be As boundless as the deepest sea, T'would still be lost in wonder."

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There are grooved folding cards, DIN A6 portrait format, printed on 4 sides on 300 g/m² photo paper. Each card comes with a neutral DIN C6 envelope.

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