The time is NOW (art print)


The original of this picture as my contribution to our prophetic Secret Santa. While praying for my contribution, I kept watching the live stream of the IHOP Kansas City “One Thing” conference, many Asians, especially Chinese, were there. During this time, decades-old prophecies that seemed impossible at the time were being fulfilled. Before the International House of Prayer even existed, a prophet came to Mike Bickle and foretold the future.

It was prophesied that they would get the grounds of Harry Truman, former US President, that they would pray 24/7 with singers and musicians, that they would pray for Israel and be connected to Asians who would broadcast their activities on unplugged TV devices in the rice fields.

At the time, Mike Bickle had nothing to do with the area where this site was located, had no burden for anything, was neither a singer nor a musician, did not pray for Israel and had nothing to do with Asia. At that time there were no smartphones and live streams. The idea of ​​dragging TV sets with CRT monitors across the rice field was simply absurd.

Today there is a connection through David Damian with the Chinese and IHOP. These Chinese have been imprisoned several times for their belief. With their tears, they washed the feet of IHOP people with gratitude for what they received from IHOP's live streams in rice fields in China.

All the points of that absurd prophecy from back then were now normal reality and being fulfilled before our eyes. And there were other poignant moments where prophecies of past decades were fulfilled right at this conference.

That moved me so much myself, tears came to my eyes, as I am also waiting for the fulfillment of decades-old prophecies, that I got the impression that God would say about this time, about us and about this secret santa partner, that NOW is the time is that decades-old prophecies would also be fulfilled for us, and on a large scale, several at once, that we would really enter a new phase, the time of the NOW.


This is a beautiful art print:
Premium Poster Fine Art Matt 20 x 30 cm.
The image is printed on high-quality cardstock, similar to the original paper of the colored pencil drawing.

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Weight 0,2 kg
Premium Poster Fine Art Matt 20 x 30 cm

The image is printed on high-quality cardstock, similar to the original paper of the colored pencil drawing.


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