Kathrin R.

Dear Johannes,
today I got in the truest sense of the word a wonderful and beautiful painting as a gift to me from a fellow student and friend.

I am so impressed and touched by the picture and the enclosed letter! I have the feeling we would know each other for an eternity. But my friend said that God would knew me and that He has spoken to you.

It is the painting with the shining hibiscus blossom and the green background. I love hibiscus blossoms as the remind me of my childhood. My mother used to have a hibiscus houseplant and cared and tended it. I cared for this sapling for many more years, but it eventually died. I bought myself another one that does not cease to blossom.

There are many dear people in my family and round about me that for the time being need all my help (major illnesses, old age, problems in school, operations). And I try to give everything as I care for these people. Because of this I feel torn apart and I do have the impression that I don’t do them justice.

Your painting and letter and the comparison that I would be like a shining blossom and that I would be like a bright spot for other people, gave me new strength and showed me again my way. Similar like a flower I have to regain my strength and need to take a break just to be able to help and comfort my dear ones.

Thank you for existing and for your gift to touch other people.

Dear Greetings.