Regina B.

Testimonial: Gebietserweiterung

I do like the picture, it is painted beautifully and full of expression. I was quite speechless when I read the prophetic word… I have a book where I write bible verses and impressions from God for me into it.

Both scriptures that you received from God I got for myself from Him in this context! I think this is so beautiful and I am glad about it, that is such a wonderful confirmation! As I am so many time unsecure if that what God says to me really comes from Him or if these are just my thoughts. For this reason it is at the same time an encouragement from God to me, that He really speaks to me and that I am able to hear Him. That makes me happy because that’s what I really want. 

The theme of enlarging my territory has been on my mind for quite a while. I am in the kids ministry team of my church for two years now. And in March I took the leadership of the kids ministry. Before I resisted it for a long time as I trust myself less, don’t like to be in the center of attention and rather want to be in the background. With this I limit myself many times… As there was an urgent need for leadership I accepted after much hesitation. I realize that God helps and I am glad that you have written in your impression that there is a blessing on what I do. That is very important for me. 

Another area where God enlarges my territory is that I have joined a homegroup after a long time. The last two years were not easy for personal reasons that’s why I withdrawed a little. Now I dared to join a homegroup what I wished for a long time. But at the same time this is very challenging for me because I am introvert and this stands many times in the way. It is very beautiful to know that God encourages me not to withdraw and that He makes me strong. 

I am really excited what God will continue to do to enlarge my territory, to use me and to take away limitations that I made for myself. God is good. Everything is possible with Him. His power and His strength. 

I thank you for your prayer and your painting. May God continue to bless you and may He use you to bless others.