The birth of a dancing star (original)


Original of a prophetic picture I created with colored pencils.

That was the main focus of a writing seminar that God wants to heal our hearts so that we can be confident, full of joy and hope. When we create, we will do so from the abundance of our hearts. If depression, bitterness and thoughts of death are in us, this will also express itself negatively in our art, our writing.

We have exposed the lie that many artists believe that they can only create when there is chaos, pain, death and despair within them. There is a connection, since we can also process painful experiences with our creativity. But it is not a prerequisite for the ability to create. This lie was expressed very well in a quote from Nietzsche: "

All of this inspired me to paint a picture about when we create from a healed heart. What happens when our hearts overflow with joy, confidence, hope and life?

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I have created a large number of paintings that were not commissioned paintings. Mostly they were created in a time of worship or prayer and have a prophetic meaning.

I have posted some of these originals here. There are many more that I will gradually add here.
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If you like I write a personal dedication to it.

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Mostly there will be an own blog posting, where you will find more details about the picture.


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