No condemnation (art print)

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The original this picture moved the recipient to tears. Another teenage girl was saved from committing suicide by this image.

When I prayed for the recipient of the original picture, the Bible verse came out of Romans 8:1: "So now there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.."

I saw her kneeling in front of a broken mirror in a beautiful white dress. She was surrounded by the shards of destruction. Where the mirror glass had fallen, the words "NO DAMNATION!" became visible. Jesus stood behind the mirror, looking at her in a friendly, inviting way. Completely without accusation and condemnation, but full of love and care.

I think that beautiful dress means that Jesus bought her with his blood and washed her clean. He has paid a high price so that she can now come before Him blameless and shameless and joyfully fellowship with Him because He has washed her clean.

The mirror stands for her own demands and false ideas that she has of herself and thinks she can't fulfill. You broke down under your own demands and couldn't stand your own reflection anymore and smashed the mirror in frustration. This revealed the truth that had previously applied: NO DAMNATION!

Jesus does not condemn her, he does not accuse her. All these self-made claims and lies fall to the ground:
Nicht genug, nicht heilig genug, nicht schön genug, nicht fleißig genug, zu wenig Bibel gelesen, zu wenig gebetet…

His blood paid the price, He took the blame, the punishment she deserved. Whether she is acceptable to Him has absolutely nothing to do with her! No matter how much good she has done, no matter how many bad things she has done, or how many things she has not done that she should have done - it has absolutely no bearing on how much He loves her! It all depends on Him and His work on the Cross. He washed her clean with His blood.

There is nothing for the enemy to accuse her of because Jesus paid all the debts! No damnation for her! But complete acceptance and love!


This is a beautiful art print:
Premium Poster Fine Art Matt 20 x 30 cm.
The image is printed on high-quality cardstock, similar to the original paper of the colored pencil drawing.

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Weight 0,2 kg
Premium Poster Fine Art Matt 20 x 30 cm

The image is printed on high-quality cardstock, similar to the original paper of the colored pencil drawing.


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