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Time and time again, customers have commissioned me with several paintings. That's why I have a special offer for exactly these people. From now on, commissioned paintings can be subscribed to at a special price.

The following requirements apply: At least 3 paintings, after that the subscription can be canceled at any time. You can decide for yourself when the next picture is commissioned. However, it should be at least one painting within 2 years. The subscription remains in effect until you cancel it. The price per picture remains the same as long as the subscription exists (even if I otherwise increase my prices in the meantime). The standard format is DinA 4 with my artists' watercolor pencils (other formats and techniques in consultation).

The following is possible:

  • I pray for you (or another person/group), I convert the impression into a painting
  • I am implementing a personal prophetic word that is important to you
  • I will do a special Bible passage as a painting for you (e.g. baptism, confirmation or wedding verse)
  • You choose one of the already existing original paintings from my inventory

The fee for the respective painting is due in advance, but can also be paid in installments.


Letter of acceptance
The following mutual declaration of consent applies to the process of such a commission (especially with prophetic art):  click

Here are some examples to give you inspiration of what is possible...

Buntstift Buntstift
Bleistift Fineliner
Comic Comic
Wandbild Wandbild
Buchumschlag Ölkreide


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